Capoeira is a fun, challenging Brazilian martial art that combines self-defense, dance, acrobatics and music. It is thought to have started over 400 years ago in Brazil and is now practiced by millions of people all around the world.

Children, teens and adults can all participate in capoeira, which challenges every fitness level.

Children can benefit socially, emotionally and physically from learning capoeira. Socially, the experience provides incredible opportunities to make lifelong friends and belong to a caring, giving community. The culture and music of capoeira introduces another art form to kids as well as a way to develop an appreciation of rhythm and song alongside their peers.

Emotionally, capoeira helps build self-confidence as kids watch their skills develop and receive encouragement from peers, parents, and instructors in a positive and safe surrounding. Learning capoeira also requires discipline, which can be applied to life outside of class as well. Students are taught to listen “first time, every time,” and as a good Capoeirista, that includes listening at home and at school.

Physically, capoeira challenges children to develop coordination skills and improve their fitness levels. The dance-like movements and acrobatics of Capoeira are phenomenal for improving gross motor skills while also improving listening and visual focus.

There are also benefits for teens and adults. As mentioned above, capoeira is a very social martial art, and there are many opportunities to meet people and make friends. No fitness or ability requirements are necessary to start, so it’s a great way to get in shape while having a really great time.

About Professor Mico
To this day, I still remember my first capoeira class nearly 20 years ago. I had been looking for a martial art since I was 16, but never found the right fit until I came to Gainesville and tried an introductory capoeira program at the University of Florida. I had wanted to try capoeira for a long time, but was worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations. It ended up being even more fun than I could have imagined.
After that, I was bit by the capoeira bug.
Only six months after my first class, I went to Brazil to dive head first into my capoeira training. Since then, I have traveled the world, participated in hundreds of shows and competitions, performed on TV and radio in the United States and Brazil, and had the pleasure of teaching thousands of students at classes and special workshops. I even met my wife through capoeira!
My favorite part about capoeira is that it appeals to so many different people from every background. Capoeira is for anyone and everyone who wants to be active, have fun and learn something new.
The Allied Capoeira League Gainesville Academy’s introductory program is an eight-week session that teaches students the fundamentals of capoeira. After the session, students are promoted to their first belt (or cord) at an Academy Promotion Ceremony.

Florida-born professional capoeirista Joshua Broadhead, also known as Professor Mico, teaches capoeira for kids, teenagers and adults five days a week with Allied Capoeira League Gainesville. For class schedules, locations and more information, visit

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