“Expect an estimated 10,000 people in Newberry within a two-week period, reaping an estimated million dollars for local and surrounding businesses.” — Brad Carman

Keeping that small-town atmosphere while nurturing economic development is what the City of Newberry set out to accomplish over five years ago. The focus: sports tourism. The success rate: growing every year.

This summer Champions Park will host the Babe Ruth Softball State Tournament and World Series for girls of all ages. These tournaments will attract visitors from all over the state, as over 100 fast pitch teams with girls ages 6-16 will meet to compete. For the World Series, Newberry, Alachua, and High Springs will combine to host around 80 teams ages 7-14 from around the nation.

Brad Carman, Newberry’s Parks and Recreation Director and Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce (NJCC) Board Member, said to expect an estimated 10,000 people in Newberry within a two-week period, reaping an estimated million dollars for local and surrounding businesses. Carman added, “While in Newberry, these families will be eating in our local restaurants, visiting our local shops, and buying their fuel at our local gas stations.”

NJCC President Josh Blackford said, “We want businesses to be able to thrive on Main Street,” with the goal of creating a steady flow of business year-round by hosting sports events in both current and future facilities.

He believes that as Newberry continues to impress the Babe Ruth Committee and other sports organizations, the City economy will continue to develop their hometown community into a big-time player.

To join the Newberry-Jonesville Chamber of Commerce, please visit www.newberryjonesvillechamber.com. To sign on as a sponsor or volunteer for the Babe Ruth Softball Tournaments, please contact Brad Carman at 352-472-5663.

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