Promoting Quality Medical Care in Greater Gainesville

The Alachua County Medical Society was established in the late 1800s. It is a professional and scientific organization representing more than 700 practicing and retired physicians, medical residents and medical school students. The society is the local affiliate of the Florida and American Medical Associations.

The ACMS mission is to promote quality medical care for every resident in the ACMS area and to advocate for the medical profession. The ACMS provides physician members with the following: a referral service, legislative representation, community representation, public relations, continuing medical education programs, networking opportunities, educational dinner meetings, social events, House Calls magazine, an annual Physician’s Directory, and a peer review process.

We Care Physician Referral Network

We Care is the indigent care program of the ACMS. Through the We Care Network, area physicians, dentists and hospitals donate their services to those who have no other means of accessing medical care. This program, initiated by the ACMS, has been the model for programs in other societies throughout the state and is provided in conjunction with the Alachua County Health Department and the Alachua County Board of County Commissioners. The value of volunteer medical and dental services provided since the inception of the program (in the 1980s) exceeds $76 million dollars.

Mini-Internship Program

Begun in 1983 by the ACMS and the Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Gainesville Program, the miniinternship offers community leaders the opportunity to share a day in the life of a physician, and has been adopted and endorsed by the Florida Medical Association. The Mini- Internship Program has been highly successful in opening the lines of communication between physicians and the community at large.

Robb House Museum

The Robb House, which houses the office of the ACMS, was once owned by one of the first husband and wife physician teams in Florida, Drs. Robert and Lucretia Robb. In 1981, it was purchased by the ACMS, restored and furnished with much of the original furniture and medical equipment used by the Robbs. The house contains the first officially recognized medical museum in the State of Florida. The collection includes medical equipment and memorabilia from Florida physicians and hospitals. Museum tours are by appointment only.

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