Bryan Nazworth is dedicated to quality, and his latest venture — the Upland Business Center at Alachua — epitomizes his commitment.

Nazworth, the owner of Quality Plumbing and Quality DesignWorks, is creating the business center to serve tenants with three aspects of quality.

Nazworth is looking for tenants who appreciate quality as he expands the business center from its original building and adds the second of what will eventually be five buildings.

First, Upland Business Center represents quality by being modern and attractive. Nazworth designed the first building to his standards as the home for his own business, Quality DesignWorks, a design-build firm. The new buildings will have a similar look and feel with new color combinations giving it a more vibrant curb appeal.

The business center’s second aspect of quality is location. Residing at 13600 U.S. 441, midway between Gainesville and downtown Alachua, the center is easily accessed from a variety of highways and byways including I-75.

Third, Nazworth is dedicated to providing quality service for all his tenants as their needs arise.

All three aspects of quality appeal to tenant Mike Calder, the regional manager for American Forest Management.

“It’s easy to get in and out to I-75,” said Calder, who travels throughout the Southeast. “Plus, the site has great visibility and signage.”

Calder appreciates Nazworth’s responsiveness to his needs.

“I mentioned to Bryan that there was a lot of heat coming through the windows, and before I knew it, he had the windows tinted,” Calder said.

The building that’s under construction will have customizable and flexible spacing options from 1,250 to 10,000 square feet.

Upland Business Center’s build-to-suit space can work well for a variety of tenants from retail businesses to biotech firms that need to be close to similar businesses in Progress Park, Nazworth said.

“This area is exploding and I want to help businesses that want to be a part of that growth,” Nazworth said.

This isn’t Nazworth’s first venture in commercial real estate. He also developed and leases office/warehouse space in Quality Professional Center off Northwest 34th Street north of 441 where his other company Quality Plumbing is located.

For leasing information, contact Dave Ferro of Ferro Real Estate Partners at 352-222-5924.

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