President, Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce

Came to Greater Gainesville from Austin in 2013

What about Greater Gainesville stood out when comparing it to your other options?

It was the home of University of Florida, Santa Fe College and a growing technology scene. I was also instantly drawn to the beautiful terrain the minute I stepped out of the airport. The day I interviewed here the sky was beautiful and people were out running, biking and walking around town. All in all, it looked like a great quality of life in a strong, growing college town. I’ve never been disappointed!

What is your favorite local food?

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with all of the great cuisine available here in Gainesville. I love seafood and salad. A few of my favorite places to get both include Embers, Wahoo Seafood Grille and Paramount Grille. In fact, I order the salmon salad at Paramount Grille so often they don’t even ask what I want when they see me!

Describe your ideal day in Greater Gainesville.

My perfect day is a sunny morning run around UF’s campus, brunch in downtown with a cool treat for dessert, Hyppo Pops & Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt are a couple of favorites, a walk around Kanapaha Gardens and an evening with friends at my house.



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