Vice President, Talent, Strategy and Public Relations –  Info Tech, Inc.

     Greater Gainesville is steeped in heritage, characterized by innovation and at its heart personified by the people who call it home. It’s a college town that transcends its nomenclature to provide a quality of life through homestead, economic development, culture, leisure and arts.

Gainesville was my town as a student. More than a decade later in 2010, my husband and I returned to raise our family. It’s a community that welcomes entrepreneurs, and provides a network from which they can grow and give back.  My husband’s architecture business flourished during our first six years here, allowing him to build a successful small architecture firm that led to joining Concept Companies, a prodigious and growing existing Gainesville business, building and leading the new architecture division — Level Architecture + Interiors. I began the next step of my professional journey, too, applying my expertise first to advance the university that provided the foundation for my career success and recently in a new industry for a company born out of, and built within the town it loves so much.

At Info Tech, I have found a culture personified by its diverse family dedicated to its success, a family that mirrors the community outside its doors.  Our children have thrived through educational experiences — inside and outside the classroom — that are on par with the best cities in the world and opportunities for play that create happy childhoods. Perhaps most importantly, we have connected with people who offer professional and personal support, kinship and true engagement at levels unparalleled in previous experience.

On any weekend, whether watching our son play soccer at Jonesville or Depot Park, visiting an art show, hiking La Chua Trail, dining at the Top, Dragonfly, Crane Ramen or my new personal favorite, BeQue Holic, or stopping by my favorite coffee shop CYM Coffee Co., or brewery — First Magnitude, Cypress and Grove, Swamp Head, and coming soon BarrieHaus Beer Co. – I am reminded of all this community offers. I can’t venture outside without running into someone I know or, more strikingly, want to know. I can’t walk through downtown without hearing a singer or band whose talent forces me to stop to appreciate what they so willingly share. I can’t help but partake in the visual and performance art, culture and culinary delights that make Gainesville so much more than a simple college town.

Gainesville is the definition of a big small town. It offers connections and pockets of collaboration found only in the most special communities — with an education level and perspective of its residents that truly supports a global feel, the finest health care, extraordinary dining and an assembly of activities aligned with almost any interest. Simply put, this is a town made up of people who together make it an enjoyable place to live.

Gainesville is our community. And we invite you to make it yours. So, whether you’re stopping by, considering relocation or exploring your new home, welcome. We’re glad you’re here!

Additionally, I want to thank Advantage Publishing for its dedication to our community. Their support of philanthropy and community surpasses its business purpose. For years, the people at Advantage have spoken about the “heart of Florida.” For those of us lucky enough to be associated with them, we know they are its heart.

Greater Gainesville deserves to be recognized as the wonderful community it is, and now because of Advantage, we can finally highlight this.

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